STA Home Study Course

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The Society of Technical Analysis Home Study Course is the Gold Standard for education on all aspects of Technical Analysis. The Home Study Course is based on their outstanding STA Diploma programme, which is delivered annually over several months at the world renowned London School of Economics. The programme has been written and created by some worlds most experienced technical analysis experts, each with decades behind them in the industry. 

As part of our partnership with the Society of Technical Analysts, we are offering a £100 discount on the full cost of the STA Home Study course, and the STA Home Study course package which includes the STA Diploma Exams. 

Professional Programme. 

The STA home study course is aimed at people who want to take their technical analysis knowledge to a higher more professional level. Their diploma programmes are accredited by CISI (The Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment) which is a global professional body for those who work in the financial and investment profession, and by the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA). 

Learn from Some of The Leading Figures in the Finance Industry.

The Society of Technical analysis educational programmes are the Gold standard for people in the industry. Participants include, Traders (Retail and Professional), Investment Professionals, Portfolio Managers, Analysts, Trading system designers and builders, Financial Journalists and others curious to upgrade their knowledge of markets and price action techniques. 

The Home Study Course immerses you in great content, case studies, industry experience, and in-depth knowledge that will be hard to find anywhere else.

By choosing to learn with the STA you are joining a global network of technical analysts and taking the first step in changing your future for the better.

The Course 

The STA Home Study Course© is the STA’s proprietary e-learning course. Although website based, it is fully downloadable and may be used online or offline by PC, Mac, iPad or Android machines. The course covers the syllabi for both the Part 1 and the Part 2 examinations, offers 15 subject teaching units written specifically for it by leading market technicians. Each unit includes exercises to self-test progress. In addition, the course offers an exam preparation module and a set of past Part 2 exam papers, as well as a supplement containing advice on technical analysis report writing.

The HSC comprises the following units. (For more detail on the authors, please click on their names).

1. Foundation 
Fundamental, quantitative and technical analysis compared; support and resistance; chart patterns and trend lines; Fibonacci targets; time frames.

2. Chart Types 
Construction of the five main chart types; detailed coverage of line charts (including relative strength) and bar charts; price and volume; equivolume charts; scaling.

3. Point and Figure Charts 
In-depth tuition in the construction and application of point and figure charts; point and figure-based relative strength, market breadth and moving averages.

4. Candle Charts & other Japanese charting techniques
In-depth tuition in candlestick construction and interpretation; over 80 candle lines/patterns illustrated and explained; section on Heikin-Ashi, 3-line Break, Renko, and Kagi charts.

5. Dow Theory and Market Breadth 
Development and principles of Dow Theory; use of market breadth measures, including various advance-decline measures, stocks vs their moving averages and net new highs.

6. Moving Averages 
Construction and application of different moving average types; envelopes; Bollinger Bands; the Coppock curve.

7. Momentum Indicators and Oscillators 
Construction and application of momentum indicators and oscillators including RoC, RSI, Stochastics, MACD, Parabolic SAR, ATR, Directional Movement, CCI.

8. Cycles 
Background history to time cycles; construction and application of cycles in financial markets.

9. The Elliott Wave Principle 
Philosophical foundations; the fractal structure; psychology; nomenclature; motive and corrective waves; channelling; phi; the alternative waves issue.

10. Basic Elements of Gann Theory 
Gann’s swing chart; retracements; ‘magic’ squares; fan lines.

11. Market Profile® 
Background methodology; plotting Market Profile®; key components; the market’s auction process; day structures; early evaluation of the day’s trading action; alternative formats.

12. Ichimoku Charts
Cloud chart construction and interpretation; multiple time frame analysis.

13. Market Psychology, the Trading Plan and Money Management 
Market psychology and investor sentiment; trading plans and money management; money management formulae.

14. Managing Risk and constructing a quantitative Trading System 
More on money management including using technical analysis to control trading risk; the construction, testing, evaluation, optimization and management of technical systems.

15. Behavioural Finance 
Case study: the 2007 financial crisis; EMH; behavioural economics and behavioural finance; behavioural biases and non-conscious behaviours; prospect theory.

Exam Prep 
Guidance on the Part 1 exam; advice on Part 2: what examiners look for, timing plan, annotating charts, different ways to structure the answer to Question 1, an example of chart annotation and report writing.

Report Writing 
Advice on writing professional technical analysis reports and commentaries.

To Take Advantage of the 'AlphaMind' Discount:

Visit the STA Home Study Course page here or go to this link direct: purchasing the programme, enter the promo code ALPHAMIND 

The Home Study Course costs £1,395.00

The 7%/£100 discount can be used towards the cost of the The Home Study Course with exams package, which is £2,095.00. This package of the course plus the two exams offers a discounted price over the purchase of individual items.

You must be a member of the STA to use the HSC or sit STA exams. The costs of membership is £75 per annum. Membership will entitle you to many of the benefits of STA programme, you can view those and become a member at this link.

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