The AlphaMind 'Peak Performance' Trading Programme

This outstanding course focuses on helping people to get into a Peak Performance mindset when engaged in their Trading and Investing activities. This programme, delivered by a Mark Randall, a mindset coach with over 3 decades working at the cutting edge of financial markets, helps people to unlock the power of their mind to perform at the edge of their potential. The coaching programme helps you by:-
  • Awakening a deep self that operates at an optimal level of elite performance.
  • Training you to switch off the disruptive negative triggers and engage with the smartest piece of trading technology you have access to… Your Mind.
  • Giving you a toolkit to put structure into process.
  • Increasing your markets composure and resilience to take shock and release from shock.
  • Awakening and broadening your market awareness and alpha opportunities.
  • Getting closure on tough trading days to be able to release to rest.
  • Meta-powering your day with powerful micro breaks.
  • Proactively managing process killing distractions.
  • Understanding your stress response and learn how to pro-actively control it.
  • Seeking your true purpose and translate that into defining your trader rhythm.
Phase 1

4 x 90-minute sessions

Session 1 - Inner Self - Solution driven dialogue investigating your triggers, current ‘mind’ state and sharing tools to manage your inner game and create a positive emotional state

Outcome: Shifting your mindset to a growth and agile mode by proactively managing your self

Session 2 – Inner Game – Expanding upon Session 1 to broaden the training into optimizing behaviours relevant to a trading role

Outcome: Shifting your habits to ones that work for you and your trading strategy and not against you

Session 3 - Harnessing your inner resources – Fine tuning attentiveness and awareness to sharpen your game and begin operating in a flow state

Outcome: Combining the tools to build a highly aware, enhanced and resilient “you”

Session 4 – Move from viewing yourself as ‘you’ to viewing yourself as ‘a brand’

Outcome: Enhanced self-confidence and a new energy promoting your self-belief and enhancing trader performance management by being the best you can be at any given moment

Phase 2

2 x 60-minute sessions

Session 1- Using MindSet to drive trading alpha. Understanding where your trading strategy may be weak and exposed to negative market forces and negative “you” forces

Outcome: Greater chance of playing the market rather than the market playing you

Session 2 – Mindset and self leadership, sharpening attitude and mindset skills to create a high degree of self management in complex and challenging markets

Outcome: Greater chance of managing your destiny and potential wealth

Duration determined following fine tuning conversation with client.

1 month intervals recommended.

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The coaching programme is delivered by Mark Randall Consultancy Ltd. Mark Randall Consultancy provide coaching and development services to Trading and Investment firms across the world. They offer a wide range of services include Performance Coaching, Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Whole Business Coaching. Workshops and Development programmes.

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