Top Podcasts for Traders

The world of podcasts has become a great resource for traders to learn, grow and gain new insights. From conversations about markets and market related themes, to lessons and interviews with the greats of trading, to others who have great wisdom to bring to the table.    

At AlphaMind we love to listen to podcasts, and there are some brilliant one's out there. Whether you are new and learning, or seasoned and experienced, there is something for you. 

The following is our growing list of podcasts for traders. We will first shamelessly plug our own podcast series the AlphaMind podcast.

The AlphaMind Podcast focuses on the mindset needed to succeed in Financial Markets. In this podcast series, we delve into the lives and stories of extraordinary guests whose experiences give us a fresh and powerful lens through which to understand the mental, emotional, psychological and behavioural challenges people face when encountering risk and uncertainty in financial markets. Main link here, iTunes link here.

Chat With Traders: The original and still one of the best Trading podcasts: Aaron Fifield holds fascinating conversations with traders and market participants at varying levels of success. These conversations revolve around individual backstories, experiences, observations, strategies, lessons, struggles and victories. iTunes link here

The Jolly Swagman: My personal favourite. Do yourself a favour, subscribe to this podcast, it is brilliant: I was recommended this Podcast by two outstanding Hedge Fund Portfolio Managers. The podcast covers mostly market related themes, but he also discusses other topics. I just listened to the brilliant episode 71 interview with Economics Nobel Prize Winner Robert Schiller, you cannot come away from this episode without being at least a little wiser and smarter. iTunes link here

Futures Radio Show: Veteran Futures Trader Anthony Crudele, not just a great trader, but one of the good guys, interviews guests and talks futures and markets with participants from across the financial markets. iTunes link here

The Market Rant: Co-hosted by Tom Canfield and Joe Fahmy where they talk and rant about all things trading and markets, including boring podcasts. As you can imagine, they don't hold back. - Great show. Show is on Youtube only. - View here

Standard Deviations: Investment Psychologist, Author and one of the smartest guys in Financial Markets, Daniel Crosby interviews guests about mind, money and meaning all through a psychological lens. iTunes link here

Confessions of a Market Maker: Poker player and learning traders Ray and long time former market maker himself and now retail trader J.J. host this lively podcast where they explore the behind the scenes aspects of trading, from a retail trader and market maker perspective. iTunes link here

B The Trader: This great podcast is a new addition to this list. Alex B shares his own trading journey as a developing trader, and interviews other traders along the way, including some stars of the trading world. People will love Alex's style and approach! - Don't miss the 'J Trader' interview, he really opens himself up, my personal favourite so far. iTunes link here

Talking with Traders: Features an in-depth insight into the world of trading hosted by long-term Financial Trader, Garth MacKenzie. Garth interviews retail traders, many from South Africa, about the challenges of trading and becoming a successful trader. iTunes link here.

Mind Over Money: Kevin Brent Cook shares a similar philosophy to us at AlphaMind. He explores the psychology of investing and the crossroads where markets and brains collide. This is a great podcast series with an excellent back catalogue of episodes which will provide a great learning experience for traders and investors. iTunes link here.

Top Traders Unplugged: A great learning resource brought by Niels Kaastrup-Larsen which involves engaging and interesting conversations with some of the legends of Financial Markets trading and investing. iTunes link here

The Warren Buffett Archive: iTunes has collated an entire series of podcast interviews from various sources which feature the legend that is Warren Buffett. iTunes link here

Two Blokes Trading: A weekly trading podcast by which originally documented two trader's journey as they learned to trade. It has morphed to features lively discussions about trading and markets and the real trading experiences and thoughts of the co-hosts. iTunes link here

Animal Spirits: Michael Batnick and Ben Carlson of Ritholz Investing talk about a range of themes related to stocks, investing, markets, they also interview great guests and provoke interesting thoughts on markets. iTunes link here

The Trading Coach Podcast: Trader, Mentor and Coach Akil Stokes shares his thoughts and perspectives on trading, answers people's questions and interviews guests. This is also shared with Akil's Youtube channel. iTunes link here

The All Star Charts Podcast on Technical Analysis Radio: JC Parets hosts a series of interviews with people from various of fields of trading and investment including technical analysts, coaches, traders, etc. He also muses on various aspects of trading, markets, psychology and behavioural finance. Soundcloud link here

How to Trade Stocks and Options Podcast: Presented by Christopher M. Uhl @10minutetrading is a series of short podcast interviews with guests or his musing on various aspects of trading and markets. the beautty of this podcast is there is some great content in a very short space of time for the quick listen at quiet moments. iTunes link here

Worst Investment Ever Podcast: Presented by Andrew Stotz, PhD, CFA @Andrew_Stotz is a series of podcast interviews with guests who their stories, experiences and perspectives on investing and trading. To find more on this podcast go to iTunes link here

Talking Trading: Financial journalist, Caroline Stephen, traders Chris Tate and Louise Bedford to the Talking Trading mentoring site produce this excellent weekly, free radio show. they offer advice, interview guests and offer their thoughts on markets. Their website is iTunes link here 

YouTube Channels with regular video casts which I highly recommend. 

Gossett Trading & Mentoring Live: Greg Gossett provides an excellent and engaging interactive daily video wrap up of his trading thoughts and views, looking at various stocks and markets, reviewing their price action. He also intercepts this with talks on trader psychology and interesting articles which have caught his interest. YouTube link here

Some Great Non-Trading Podcasts for Traders
These do not focus directly on Trading, but often feature great interviews with traders and investors and have great additional non-trading content.

The Knowledge Project: Shane Parish's brilliant series of interviews is an extension of his Farnum Street blog. The aim of the show is to explore the ideas, lessons, and methods that help us truly understand what works, what doesn’t, and why. I highly recommend the Howard Mark's interview:
'Luck, Risk and Avoiding Losers'. iTunes link here

The Tim Ferriss show: Tim Ferriss interviews great and interesting guests. check out episode 264 with Ray Dalio. iTunes link here

The Art of Charm: I came across this when looking up podcasts with James Clear. The Art of Charm focues on self-motivated people and how they learn to master human dynamics, relationships, and becoming your best self with the help of hosts Johnny and AJ. They dig deep into human behaviour, the science behind it, and demystify what we do and why we do it. iTunes link here

How To Fail With Elizabeth Day: This may seem an odd choice, Elizabeth interviews celebrities (mostly British), about how they overcame failure. - The lessons from these great podcasts should be obvious. Successful traders themselves have usually overcome failure. iTunes link here

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The AlphaMind podcast is co-hosted by Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall, market veterans with over seven decades between them in the financial markets. The podcast delves into the lives and stories of extraordinary guests whose experiences provide a fresh and powerful lens through which to understand the mental, emotional, psychological and behavioural challenges people face when encountering risk and uncertainty in financial markets. To find out more visit the AlphaMind podcast website. The AlphaMind Podcast is produced in partnership with 'The Society of Technical Analysts'.

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