Thursday, 24 March 2022

#87 DeFi Panel of Experts: The Crypto Revolution Explored

For anyone 30 or younger, the world of DeFi (Decentralised Finance) is their world. Some in their 30s are clued up, but to most, DeFi and the world of Cryptocurrencies is something of a mystery. To those over 40, DeFi is largely an alien and murky world, difficult to navigate let alone to even comprehend. 

In this episode of the AlphaMind podcast show hosts Mark Randell and Steven Goldstein, both far older than is healthy and a long way past the wrong side of 50, facilitate a panel of Defi and Crypto experts, who can speak to the ages, and bridge the gap between conventional trading and crypto markets, to help you start to make more sense of ‘The Defi Revolution’. 

Our panelists are:

·      Paul Gordon, a former broker and derivatives trader, who co-founded Coinscrum, which hosts meetings and talks on all things Crypto. Twitter Linkedin

·      Glen Goodman, a former BBC and ITV news reporter, turned retail equity trader, then crypto trader, and authored the best-selling book ‘The Crypto Trader’. TwitterWebpage

·      Matt Aaron, project lead for Uniwhales, a DeFi analytics community, a crypto podcast host, and trader/investor in Defi and Crypto projects and markets. TwitterLinkedIn

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The AlphaMind podcast is co-hosted by Steven Goldstein and Mark Randall. To find out about AlphaMInd more visit the AlphaMind website.

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